Some Older Smartphones Can No Longer Use WhatsApp
When was the last time you upgraded your phone? If you're a WhatsApp user, you might want to look into it. On New Year's Eve, WhatsApp stopped working on a number of different smartphone models, including any that run on Android 2.2, iOS 6, Windows Phone 7 or basically anything older than those.

If you're running an old OS on a more current smartphone, you're golden, you just need to update it, but older phones can't be upgraded beyond a certain point, and it's these which have been cruelly denied access to WhatsApp. According to the company, this is because older systems aren't capable of running WhatsApp as it's now intended.

It gets worse, though. Anyone seeking a similar messaging alternative will have limited options, as Telegram and Skype are both equally unfriendly to older operating systems. Messenger works fine, but is obviously far more limited.

Given that WhatsApp has been rapidly expanding across the globe, this comes as something of a depressing irony. WhatsApp is now available in 109 countries, and some of the less economically developed ones don't necessarily have broad access to the latest phone models, meaning that in spite of the impressive global spread, WhatsApp may have just inadvertently locked out a big chunk of its new customer base. You can't tether the world together if everyone has to use the same kind of string.

There is a market for more basic smartphones which are compatible with current OS, but more limited in what they can do. This could act as a remedy to the issue, but the fact remains that in much of the wider world, it's still far easier to get hold of an old phone than a basic one.

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