Vine Camera - Saving Vine From Oblivion

Although its usage rates have plummeted in recent years, many were saddened to see Vine go. Those little 6 second loops provided hours of entertainment, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Vine was a safe haven of simplicity in the increasingly tangled world of video sharing.

Well, it seems like Twitter have pulled a reverse-Frankenstein and dismembered the corpse of Vine so it can be redistributed and thus, saved. Basically, there are two sides to it now: firstly, all videos posted on Twitter which fall below 6.5 seconds loop automatically, just like Vines did. Secondly, we have Vine Camera, a spartan app for iOS and Android which simply allows users to shoot video and upload it to Twitter, but nowhere else. You can add a caption, or switch the account, but those are all your options. The interface remains more or less unchanged from the old Vine one (grid, focus lock, etc).

Vine obviously had a great deal more, and in later life it had some decent editing functionality but this is just point and shoot. Essentially what's happened here is that Twitter have said the final farewell to Vine itself, but ensured that the 6-second loop format remains alive and well on their main platform. That was Vine's legacy, and they're keeping it intact.

Well, intact for the time being. This could just be Vine's "We're going to make you as comfortable as possible" moment, a way to gently uncouple the Vine community from the source without causing too much distress. If that's the case, Vine Camera will likely be a faded, nearly-forgotten memory by the end of this year, and may even get shut down not long after that.

However it ends up, it's nice to see the Vine community being offered something. Snapchat and Instagram may have seen to Vine's demise, but it built up such a strong following that it was never going to just disappear. 'Vine Star' was actually an accepted term for a brief, perplexing moment, and by that token alone its place in history is assured.

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