YouTube Have Launched Their In-App Messaging Service in Canada

Have you ever scrolled through YouTube wishing you could message other users directly? Do you live in Canada? Well, you're in luck, as YouTube have launched an in-app messaging feature there, but nowhere else as yet. They've been tinkering around with it for months, and Canada makes a good proving ground, being that it has a comparable market to the USA but a far smaller population.

Here's how it works: through one button, users will be able to send videos directly between each other, as well as creating group conversations. The idea is that rather than copying a link out to send it on Facebook, or wherever else, you can just do it straight from the site/app. It always allows for more open discussion about videos, rather than using the comments section, which far too often proves far too much for fragile minds.

Judging from the video, it looks like the feature imports directly from your contacts, but it's unclear whether or not you need to have the YouTube app on both ends for it to work properly, or an account. In any case, it's easy to envision a YouTube with a very active messaging community, in the same way that Facebook became one.

Speaking of Facebook, the floating video function also comes into play here, so if you're in a chat, however roomy, you can move the video around so that it doesn't get in the way all the natter. It's strange that as social media advances, it's almost as if we're making a move back towards chatroom culture. Companies are realising that people are still, in many regards, more interested in personal sharing than blanket sharing. 

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