D.C. Police are Pushing Facebook for Information About Trump Protestors

Press TV
Since Trump took office last month, it seems like there hasn't been a day without at least one protest somewhere in the world. Virtually every action he's taken, approved or even hinted at since assuming his role as president has been called into question, but on inauguration day, millions marched across the world in an astounding display of global solidarity.

The protests were largely peaceful, but as is often the way, arrests were made. In Washington D.C., 200 people were taken in, triggering a lawsuit which claimed that the police had not only arrested people without cause, but that they had used unnecessary force.

The D.C. police department clearly don't agree, as on January 27th they issued a subpoena to Facebook asking them to turn over the account data of several individuals who took part in the process. This is far from an isolated incident, police try and scrutinise the social media data of people they're tracking fairly regularly, but usually they're not facing a class action suit at the same time.

To make matters worse, many of the protestors who were arrested also had their phones taken, and the police have allegedly been going through them in an attempt to find any evidence to support the felony rioting charges. It's a safe bet to assume that the department want the Facebook data for much the same reason.

So the real question is, will Facebook hand the data over? Well, a subpoena has less weight than a search warrant, which is more or less impossible to argue with, but if it holds up, Facebook may have no choice but to hand over names, email addresses, credit card details and any recent login/logout IP addresses, which could be used to pinpoint a location.

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