Gordon Ramsay Brutally Rates His Twitter Follower's Food Creations

Gordon Ramsay; of all chefs in the public-eye, he's one of the more comical and brutally honest. He's known for his harsh critiques and 'unnecessary effing-and-blinding' that your upper-class Nan can't possibly sit through, prompting her to reach for the remote to watch Delia's cooking show instead.

More entertaining and definitely more offensive than fellow celebrity chef and family man Jamie Oliver, Ramsay took to the wonderful world of Twitter to roast (or sometimes praise) his follower's submitted meals. These people are brave, I'll tell you that, some got some pretty harsh responses...

Starting with my favourite response of the bunch, its Ramsay all over. A simple question, but so back-handed you can't help but applaud the wit:

I mean, that meal is probably taking the mick, the photo most likely found on some weird place on the internet. But people sending in these kind of things prompt some brilliant replies;

As a nation of cheese-lovers, that looks quite nice Liam, spot on if you ask me. Forget the expert chef's opinion...

Ah, remember that iconic moment. Idiot sandwich - still funny and the pinnacle of Gordon Ramsay's harsh but hilarious critique:

He even bashed a good old, great british fry-up;

I wouldn't say painful, but something doesn't look quite right with that Steve. Where are the baked beans and hash browns? 4/10 from me; I'm not-a-professional chef but know what a fry-up should include, jheez.

The chef was surprisingly full of praise for some submissions. Here's his short-but-sweet tweet of support for a hard-working mum who made a successful family meal:

And a lovely response to this tasty looking dish:

 But then again, the brutal responses continue:

Clearly not impressed with the preparation there.

So there you have it. A laugh at Gordon Ramsay's hilarious honesty. If you're sending in a photo for an expert opinion, prepare vegetables properly, don't miss out vital parts of your fry-up, and chill out with the amount of sandwich filling, unless you want to be called an idiot sandwich.

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