IMDb Have Closed Their Message Board and Redirected Users to Social Media

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In my youth, I used to spend a fairly unhealthy amount of time getting into ridiculous arguments with strangers online, and the IMDb message board was by far and away my favourite haunt. It's never been a particularly pleasant place, but it was certainly not on the same level as somewhere like 4chan, Reddit or the dreaded Amazon customer forum.

Back in those days, most of the IMDb message boards were taken up by ridiculous fandom clashes, people trying to punch down critically acclaimed films and the occasional spate of barely concealed bigotry. Now, the message board is being closed for good, as IMDb shepherd their users towards their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Tumblr and Pinterest pages. The boards will close permanently on the 20th of February.

In an official statement, IMDb said that the message boards "are no longer providing a positive, useful experience for the vast majority of our more than 250 million monthly users worldwide." Translation: internal moderation is a pain, and it's easier to leave it to the social media heavy hitters.

More than ever, companies are facing heat for the horrible things people say in their domain. Any instance of verbal abuse isn't only blamed on the abuser, it's also blamed on the porous moderation system which allowed said abuser to get that far. The internet isn't any more horrible now than it was then, it's just the way the public and media respond to the horribleness which has changed.

There is another key benefit - people who comment on social media are largely doing so under their real names. It's far easier to report instances of verbal abuse on Twitter or Facebook than it is on a message board. Fundamentally though, message boards on sites simply aren't necessary anymore, social media is predicated on discussion, why bother going anywhere else?

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