LinkedIn's Layout Makeover - Everything You Need to Know

LinkedIn; the Facebook of the work-world. Kind of. Some would say it's Facebook without the cringe-worthy tagged photos and memes, instead portraying a squeaky-clean image of your professional self. And with the recent layout changes to the website, it's more comparable to Facebook now more than ever. 

With the most significant changes to the desktop homepage layout and search functions, the changes are slowly making their way to user's accounts for a more straightforward and simple user experience. 

Referring to the previous design, Amy Parnell, the company's senior director of experience design said “It was hard for people to understand what to do. The goal with this design was to simplify and create focus.” as reported by Wired.

So, here's what's changed, in video form as provided by LinkedIn, and summarised by us below.

1. The home-page revamp:
With profile pictures now circular and an easy-to-use navigation bar, the new homepage has a contemporary look. The navigation bar outlines 'seven core areas' of the site, being:
  • Home
  • Messaging
  • Jobs
  • Notifications
  • Me
  • My network
  • Search

The 'Me' section is also displayed in a simplified view on the top left of the homepage, the layout of this being similar to the 'Me' section on the mobile app.

2. Changes to search:
Precise search results for people, jobs, companies, groups and schools  are easier with the filtering options on Search Engine Results Page. There's also five search operators which, combined the boolean searching (using parenthesis, quotes, and capitalized AND, NOT, OR) help make for successful specific searching. The five search operators are:
  • firstname
  • lastname
  • title
  • company
  • school

So, when on the hunt for a specific ex-Oxbridge student for example, its simple and easy to navigate, giving pinpoint results.

3. Instant messaging
The more unusual new feature is the 'real-time messaging' addition to the desktop. Essentially Facebook messenger, this allows quite and instant communication with others, perhaps with less emojis due to the professionalism which may be needed (sad-face emoji).

4. See who's snooped on your social posts
With the ability to see who's viewed your profile already set-in-stone on the site, the update has expanded this to posts. While possibly invasive, showing people you've read their posts, it's arguably a positive thing in seeing who your posts are reaching and what interest you are attracting. For those of you weary of this feature, browsing posts and profiles in private or semi-private modes will hide your snooping activity. 
So, whats the response to the changes? Many, like myself, have compared the visuals to Facebook. With LinkedIn's  'What you need to know' section being in the same place as Facebook's 'Trending', with ads below the features on both sites. 
“We’re a social network, Facebook is a social network. The types and interactions and behaviors you see on the platforms are similar,” continues Amy Parnell.
The overall consensus on Twitter is pretty positive:

However, some aren't so much of a fan, some aren't keen on the redesign...

And some are slightly extreme in their reactions...

Chill out Andy.

Either way, whether you love it or hate it, LinkedIn is only trying to improve user experience. While, due to the professional nature of the site, LinkedIn will never quite reach the enjoyment-factor of Facebook, it may have the upper-hand on usefulness and efficiency.  What are your thoughts on LinkedIn's revamp?

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