Order Domino's Pizza via Facebook Messenger

It's the weekend; you can't be bothered to cook, and a delicious pizza is just an online order or phone-call away. Domino's would go down a treat. If you're a keen Facebook user, you can even order your cheesy-feast over Facebook Messenger via the Easy Order feature; here's how;

After setting up your 'My Domino's' account in a few easy steps, you can message chatbot 'Dom' (punny, nice one) to order your favourite pizza. The Easy Order will ask you to list your favourite pizza, and with the blunt message of 'PIZZA' to our mate Dom, he'll reply with your order total and ask you to confirm with a simple YES or NO. As reported by the Mirror, since last April when Zuckerberg announced introducing the use of bots into Messenger, there are now more than 11,000 bots active on the platform.

Impolite to just demand 'PIZZA' but straight-to-the-point, right? Easy, as the name would suggest. However I can't imagine walking into a Domino's chain and just shouting 'PIZZA' at the guy behind the counter, without getting stared at blankly, being thought of as extremely rude and demanding. But that's the beauty and informality of social media, you're talking to a robot; Dom won't think you're a rude customer.

A couple of years ago, we posted about how US Customers could order via the 'Easy Order' function on Twitter, by simply tweeting Domino's a pizza emoji or #EasyOrder (after setting their order and linking their own Twitter handle to their My Domino's account).

So it seems the Easy Order has been about for a while and it's now a lot more advanced in the US, with the Twitter option, ordering via text, and even through Google Home or Amazon Echo, all powered by 'Domino's Anyware'. With the Messenger option available to us here in the UK, let's hope the Easy Order function expands like it has in the US.

It seems social media is really taking over, and for most of us, its great in making important things (like feeding your lunchtime pizza cravings) easier and more efficient. As a pizza lover, this social media take-over is fine by me!

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