Peanut - The Friend Matching App for Mothers

Having a baby changes everything, up to and including your social life. It's difficult enough to make enough time for your current friends, but making new ones? Even harder. Peanut is designed to tackle that very issue. Taking cues from Tinder, it matches mums up with each other based on shared interests and lifestyles. In that sense, you swipe based solely on whether you think you'll get along with the other person.

There's more though - Peanut actually allows users to display the ages of their children, so you can match up with people in terms of playdatability, rather than datability. All the personality descriptions are buttons, rather than you having to enter details manually, which makes the whole process nice and smooth.

Of course, you never know who you're going to end up being friends with, and while mutual interests are important, they aren't essential. Apps like these are nice, but certainly not something that should be depended on for socialising. As a mother though, something like this is probably a lot more inviting than the mum-centric forums and Facebook groups out there.

The app is designed from the get-go to turn a remote connection into a real one, as you're encouraged to start chatting straight from the match screen, and it uses location tagging to make sure you're matched up with mums who are nearby. In this sense, its benefits are two-fold: you could use it to talk to, or get advice from other mothers, or you could just use it to find friends who adhere to similar social scheduling.

In some ways, looking for friends who are also looking for friends makes more sense that looking for love - you don't have to dance around the issue, there's nothing cryptic about wanting to be friends with someone, you don't have to prove anything. Slowly but surely, friendship matching apps are becoming commonplace, and before long we could start seeing them being used to the same extent as dating apps.

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