Photo Albums Could be Coming to Instagram Soon

Blurring the lines between Facebook and Instagram is, I think you'll agree, unwise, but it seems like that's the direction things are heading in. Currently, a feature is being tested which would allow users to create and share photo albums on Instagram, in much the same way you can on Facebook. Given that Instagram added in a tagging feature a while back, it's hard to draw any kind of distinction.

Well, there is one - you can only share a maximum of 10 photos per album, whereas Facebook is theoretically limited to 1,000, but frankly if you're complaining that 1,000 photos in one album isn't enough, either you're a stop-motion animator or there is something very wrong with you.

How these albums will actually appear on the feed remains unknown. They could show up as a collage, allowing users to tap individual photos and enlarge them, or as a carousel. It's worth noting that, in some senses, Instagram stories can be used like photo albums, albeit albums which disappear after they've been viewed.

If this feature does go live (and there's no certainty that it will), it may end up presiding over a major change to Instagram's layout. Trying to emulate Snapchat had been their main aim, but all that really ended up amounting to was the addition of Stories.

Most people would probably agree that Instagram was fine the way it was, but social media platforms are never truly finished. The biggest risk with this change is that it will limit the significance of individual photos, and push Instagram away from its photography-centric roots.

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