Snapchat's First Reality Show Shoves Exes Back Into the Same Room to Talk it Out

Dr. Nerd Love
After months of speculation and statements of intent, we finally know what Snapchat's first TV show is going to look like, and whatever you might have been expecting, this probably wasn't it.

Second Chance seems like it's basically taken an awful piece of relationship advice and turned it into a TV show. Basically, it will get 'emotional' ex-partners back together to talk through the issues which led to their split, and either get some closure, reconcile, or just make everything worse. I imagine that door number three will need its hinges oiled long before the other two do.

Where does the Snapchat element come in, though? Well, the exes in question can send handwritten messages to each other, but other than that all we know is that some other elements of Snapchat will be mixed in. Presumably not lenses, though, that would just be a highway to hurt feelings. The series will run for 8 weeks, but no premier date has been set thus far.

Thankfully, this disturbing psychological experiment isn't the only show Snapchat are running with. They've also struck a deal with the BBC to create a show using unused footage from Planet Earth II, basically a reworking of the original show better suited to a vertical, Snapchat-based format. As well as new footage, new stories not present in the original broadcast will be there.

I'd say, of the two, the latter is the more exciting, but in general terms, it's interesting to imagine how Snapchat will look this time next year, when presumably it will have a far wider, more muscular roster of shows to its name.

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