The Power of Social Media: Appeal for Lost 150-Year-Old Wedding Dress Ends in Success

image: Facebook

Less than a week ago, Facebook user took Tess Newall took to the website in a bid to help track down her lost wedding dress. The original post, posted on the 10th of February, explained the importance of the search, and has received a mass of support from members of the public. After over a staggering 300,000 shares, 47,000 likes and reactions, and over 42,000 comments, the dress has been found, much to the happiness of Tess and the appeals supporters. 
The post's urgency was due to the history of the beautiful dress. The importance of the dress to Tess was clear to see, with her humbling ask for help, ending the initial post with, 
"I realise there are far greater issues in the world but it means the world to us. More family memories need to be woven into its threads.
Thank you so so much.
Love Tess x"

The dress was made by Tess's great great grandmother Dora, 147 years ago, and was altered and worn by Tess last year on her wedding day, holding a personal connection to her family. It's no wonder the Facebook post was so urgent, supported by many who appreciate the family-importance and heritage in the search.

The disappearance of the dress happened when Tess took it to her local dry-cleaners in Edinburgh. Kleen Cleaners was permanently shut down whilst in hands of the dress, due to bankruptcy. Tess explains in the post that despite Kleen's previous good reputation, it 'fell into crooked hands' and expressed fears that it had been sold on.

However after the huge popularity of the appeal, and Tess and her family contacting administrators Wylie & Bisset, the dress had been found and Tess took to her original Facebook post to update those who shared and showed support. Showing thanks and appreciation, Tess writes that she and her family are 'over the moon' to have found the dress. See the edited original post below.

The response to the good news has been huge, with coverage from BBC News, Metro and Sky News. Tess tells Sky News  "I am just so happy and can't thank everyone enough for creating this frenzy which allowed us into the shop before it was cleared."

Comments of support and happiness flooded in as Tess shared the good news:

The support also continued over on Twitter:

Tess shares a final message of thanks in her recent public Facebook post:

With that happy ending, it shows how powerful social media is. Among the bad news, and fake news, there's humbling stories to put a smile on your face and appreciate how social media can bring people together to achieve something huge!

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