Twitter Jettison Their Anti-Abuse Tool After Just Six Days

It's another chapter in the tragic tale of Twitter's verbal abuse saga. Last week, with a great deal of aplomb, they unveiled a new anti-abuse regime. This included stopping new troll accounts getting made, cleaner search results and pushing abusive comments further down the pile. Additionally, notifications were brought back so that users could see when someone was giving them trouble.

This last change is the one that cost Twitter, as hapless users soon found that trolls were adding their names to less-than-pleasant lists. This effectively became a workaround that trolls could use to torment their targets. Following a barrage of complaints, Twitter turned the function off, and apologised.

While this doesn't hinder any of the other countermeasures, to some it's a demonstration of the fact that Twitter don't exactly have a concrete plan in place, more just a collection of ideas, each of them potentially fallible. It's not necessarily fair to blame Twitter for the oversight, trolls are endlessly unpredictable, and freakishly driven in their desire to upset people.

Sadly, this is probably only the start of a whole new set of similar issues for the platform, as it continues to struggle with its identity. One thing they're still planning to do is use IP address tracking to stop banned users from rejoining the site, which will hopefully help to curtail the 'hydra effect' which often stems from account banning.

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