You Can Now Make a Snapchat QR Code for Your Website

Website owners across the world, rejoice! The Snapchat QR code has effectively become open source, and now anyone create a unique code linking out to their website of choice. Like any other QR code, all a user has to do is can it with Snapchat's camera, and it will link out to the chosen URL within the app.

The site could be anything from a blog to a Facebook account to a particular article, depending on the context of the code. Say, for example, you work for a company which has featured on a lot of different news sites, why not link all the articles to custom QR codes and then make them into a poster to hang on the office wall? If you're a DJ, you could create one linking out to your Soundcloud, and then use it as a sticker on the back of your go-to laptop. The possibilities are vast.

To do it, you have to go into settings, then 'Snapcodes', and finally 'Create Snapcode'. Once there, it's just a case of entering the URL and then choosing an image from your phone to go inside the famous ghost silhouette. That done, you can save it to use whenever needed, and transferring it across to, say, your email will enable you to use it almost anywhere.

People have been adding each other on Snapchat using these codes since 2015, and given that the original QR codes are URL-based, it makes sense that Snapchat would move in the same direction. Let's face it, a lot more people have Snapchat on their phones than Qr Droid or Neoreader.

This will make Snapchat an even more appealing prospect for businesses, which is one of their main focal points at the moment. Snapchat are offering something which even Facebook can't really match - a way of promoting online content both digitally and physically. That's a big deal.

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