Teens Have Found an Amusing New Way to Use Facebook Events

Parties, protests, raves, concerts... Picking stuff up from Tesco's? Yup, the latest in a string of bizarre Facebook trends is to make up silly, arbitrary Facebook events and then sharing them to everyone, and I mean everyone in the Gary Oldman sense. In this case, it seems to have been sourced by the British teenaged crowd, who are either trying to make a point, or just killing time.

As well as creating deliberately pointless events, they're also marking themselves attending on small-scale events which they have no intention (or way) of attending. You could interpret this as a dig at anyone who forgot to make their event private, but now it's grown far beyond that, with the aim of the game seemingly being making events which sound as plausible as possible, 'Year 10 Parents Evening', for example.

This seems to have taken root in Norwich, but now everyone's getting in on it. In one amusing case, an event titled "Gonna jump down to tesco for cans. want anything?" has amassed over 7,000 attendants, with many of them actually taking the time to ask for things. Thus far the event's organiser has taken note of "1,560 bags of amber leaf, 603 packs of sweets, 460 Cornettos, 376 packs of skins, 147 gallons of Dutch Gold, 80 bottles of bleach, 28 packs of filters,18 packs of frozen chips, a tin of beans, pack of sausages, 2 tiger loaves, and a lighter"

It takes advantage of Facebook's ridiculously bloated news sharing system, wherein basically any and all friend activity ends up your news feed. One friend checks 'attending' or even 'interested' on one of these events, hundreds more see it, and if even a fraction of those people do the same, well you get the idea. It's like a kind of wordless, bizarre and somewhat sarcastic Chinese whispers.

Interestingly, some of the events being earmarked by this teen crowd are legitimately interesting. In one case, a seminar on how to grow edible mushrooms picked up a few thousand. Jury's out on how this will actually affect the event's publicity.

You could argue that this is actually undermining proper events by making the organisation process more difficult. I mean, it's probably a great deal harder to co-ordinate the discussion board for a meet-and-greet for over 55s when there's a battalion of teenagers chirping about how 'lit' is definitely isn't going to be. Put that aside though, and it's still pretty funny. We'll just have to see if it annoys the Facebook populous enough to get them clamouring for a policy change for events.

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