Twitter Are Finally Giving TweetDeck a Proper Upgrade

For many journalists, brands, promoters and other people with social media reliant jobs, TweetDeck is an invaluable resource. The app has been around for 6 years, and its popularity has remained consistent all that time, but Twitter rarely do anything to change it, or even address the fact that it actually exists.

Now, Twitter have not only acknowledged that it does indeed exist, but that there might be room in the world for a beefier version of it. Some professional (or 'power') users reported that they'd been sent a survey asking them what they would like to see in a subscription based 'premium' version of the app, and shortly thereafter, some leaked images showed a kind of prototype for this new gold standard version.

Twitter haven't officially said anything about it yet, beyond that the fact that they're gathering data, and they haven't actually started building anything in earnest yet, but now that it's out, they'll probably look to kick things into higher gear. Given that TweetDeck is primarily used by companies, rather than individual people, it's kind of surprising that it's taken them six years to even consider doing this. It's a whole new revenue stream just waiting to be exploited.

So what exactly would a premium version of TweetDeck bring to bear? Well, details are purely speculative at this point, but it's been suggested that the premium version could include trend and activity analysis tools, a more sophisticated, custom dashboard and the removal of ads. All pretty standard stuff, but for users who are trying to get the most extensive experience out of TweetDeck that it's possible to get, all of these factors combined could make a big difference.

Generally, TweetDeck is used to keep an eye on trends and news data, manage activity across multiple accounts, keep track of follower engagement data and so forth. It wouldn't be a stretch to imagine that Twitter could extend that experience, allowing users to dive deeper into the data, and do more with it. With Twitter's revenue experiencing a bit of a downturn at the moment, this could make a big difference.

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