Twitter Have Been Throwing Barriers in Front of Potentially Abusive Accounts

Mere weeks after Twitter's recent 'ghost deleting' incident, it seems like their anti-abuse countermeasures have dredged up yet another unusual controversy. The difference is that whilst Twitter aren't exactly shouting from the rooftops about this, they're not making a secret of it either.

Users have reported seeing a new 'warning' page when they try to visit certain profile pages. The images and tweets are all greyed out, and a message warns that the profile in question "may include potentially sensitive content" before asking if you're still happy to continue.

Seems reasonable, right? Well, naturally, some of the people who are being blocked would tend to disagree. Many of them have expressed confusion as to exactly why they're account was flagged, which muddies the water, as it could be that Twitter is mistakenly tagging their accounts, or that they're just lying about there being no offensive content on there. I'd say it's probably six of one, but what Twitter can't palm off is the fact that some users are able to access accounts which come up as blocked for others.

Twitter have only said that they don't directly comment on the behaviour of individual accounts, controversial or otherwise, but this measure is clearly another arm to their new 'no more Mr. Nice Guy' approach to poor conduct. The fact that it clearly isn't working properly yet shouldn't come as that great of a surprise, new Twitter features rarely do.

Users can actually mark themselves as sources of sensitive content if they like, which could be a useful feature for some accounts, if they don't mind turning a certain contingent of potential followers away. This change seems largely intended to make Twitter feel more friendly and welcoming, something which it could most certainly benefit from. The fact that it flags users rather than content is the only real distinction, as well as the main cause of controversy.

With the kinks worked out this could be an extremely effective, useful feature, but at the moment all it's really doing is vexing people.

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