We're About to Get Our First Look at Facebook's Telepathic 'Brain Computer Interface'

Overthinking It
Next month, Facebook are reveal four brand new products at a public event next month, and one of them is something called a 'brain computer interface'. Now, it's hard to say exactly what that means beyond the most literal interpretation (don't all computers interface with brains, really?) but previous statements made by Mark Zuckerberg about the prospect of computer-aided telepathy suggest that this may be some kind of mind-reading machine.

Now, we don't know anything for sure, but the description, twinned with all the talk about Facebook's developmental projects suggests that, at the very least, this will be some kind of rudimentary demonstration of thought control. Medical technology is already capable of detecting and categorising various changes in thought patterns, so it isn't a stretch in terms of plausibility, what's hard to understand is how Facebook have been able to turn that technology into a consumer product.

Of course, it's somewhat redundant to speculate about that until we actually get a look at the Brain Computer Interface. Alongside this, three other products are going to be unveiled - a drone, some kind of augmented reality interface and something medical. All we know about the latter product is that prominent cardiologist has been working on it. I don't even want to hazard a guess as what that could be. Maybe measures how your heart rate changes while you're waiting for a reply on Messenger.

Facebook have been interested in hardware development for years, but unless you count the Oculus Rift, there isn't any Facebook product on the market yet, as such. The fact that Snap Inc. have come out with the Spectacles and are now reportedly building a drone of their own may have something to do with it.

Still, tech rivalries aside, it's an exciting notion. If Facebook have been incubating some kind of mind-reading device, this could be a massive leap forward, but given that they're normally about as leaky as a sieve that's been involved in a drive-by shooting, I feel like we would have heard something by now. Whatever it turns out to be, it'll be interesting to see what the first wave of Facebook hardware actually looks like. Roll on April.

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