YouTubers Are Watching 1 Billion Hours of Video Every Day

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Of all the media platforms on the internet, YouTube boasts the most incredible statistics, and now they have another bombshell to add to their arsenal. 1 billion hours of video are now viewed on YouTube every single day. If that trend continues, YouTube will be more widely watched than television in the USA. Take a moment to let that sink in.

For the past few years, Google have been more closely examining the amount of time people are spending watching YouTube videos, rather than how many views a video might be getting, and it's easy to see how that approach has affected the platform. Full fledged shows and even movies are now readily (and legally accessible) on YouTube, and a whole new generation of TV shows have emerged which were designed exclusively for YouTube. It's far from uncommon to watch YouTube videos clocking in at 15 minutes or longer, something which even 6 or 7 years ago was a rarity.

Despite the best efforts of Facebook and other competitors, YouTube continues to be the dominant force in online video. They aren't without their issues, but the parts which work, work brilliantly. Recommendation and playlisting assure that users are fed a constant stream of relevant videos, meaning that half the time you're on YouTube, you're probably going to end up bingeing.

The subscription-based 'YouTube celebrity' world isn't faring quite so well, with some stars experiencing an epic falling out with their parent platform, and subscription figures slowly waning. This in and of itself isn't enough to do YouTube any major damage, but they are rethinking their approach a bit.

The unskippable 30-second ads will soon be a thing of the past, and mobile live-streaming has just been launched. The central format of the platform will probably never change though, all the other bells and whistles are nice to investigate, but it's the core of the service which really carries the appeal. The content is so varied, so inventive and changing so constantly that even if you stripped YouTube back to its most basic ingredients, it would still pull in the billions of hours that it now boasts.

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