Australians Can Now Apply to Work at McDonald's Using Snapchat

The lines between social networking and job hunting have certainly blurred in recent years, but I doubt that anyone saw this one coming. McDonald's have given Aussie job hopefuls the chance to apply using Snapchat.

Using a special filter, applicants can send a 10 second video application to the McDonald's (or Macca's, as it's often called there) official Snapchat account. The filter shows the applicant wearing the staff uniform, and the idea is that they use the 10 seconds to explain or demonstrate why they would be a good fit for the Macca's workforce.

Once the video has been submitted, applicants will receive a link to the actual careers page, where they can apply for the job for real. Really then, it's just a fun way of starting the application process, as everyone who sends a video gets given the same link, regardless of the actual content. If you look at it in a certain way, though, it's much more than a gimmick.

You have to be of a certain persuasion to work at a place like McDonald's. You have to be friendly, you have to deal with a very broad range of people and you have to work well as part of a team. If you're uncomfortable with the idea of sending them a 10-second video of yourself, you're probably not going to be a good fit. Retail and over the counter jobs are far easier to handle if you try and have fun with them. Believe me, I know.

A spokesperson from McDonald's also made the point that, for many, this is an entry level job, their first foray into the working world. Without a CV to fall back on, personality usually becomes the most important thing. This application process captures an, ahem, snapshot of that, which once again means that it will inherently appeal to and attract the exact kinds of people who are best suited to a job at McDonald's.

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