It Just Became Easier Than Ever to Send Money Using Facebook

Payments have been an option on Messenger since 2015, but until now it was only available in one-on-one conversations. As of this week, you can now send and receive money on group chats as well. It might not sound like much, but it makes the payment feature more versatile, and enables Facebook to offer more than other message-payment services like Venmo.

Being able to send money in a group chat will make things like arranging group trips or joint purchases much easier to organise, and eliminates the need to chase each individual person for payment. Once you've put your payment details on the group chat, you can select which members you want to either pay or request money from.

Add this to the fact that the Messenger payment service is totally free and doesn't require any additional setting up, and all of a sudden it doesn't just seem like a viable alternative to Venmo, it seems like a better one. If you've ever had to chase people down for money owed, the fact that completed payments are visible to everyone on the chat will also likely hold some appeal.

A big concern for a lot of people with Messenger payments has been security, but the company have continued to assure users that their details are secure, and in the almost 2 years since the service went active, there have been no reported cases of payment details being hacked. New methods of online payment always have to break through a 'wall of trust', and it seems like Messenger has achieved this now.

In the past, Facebook have been somewhat reserved about the payment option, wary of people becoming mistakenly convinced that they were building a new business within the platform. In fact, this is one of the most practical additions ever to be made to Messenger - it's functional, it makes sense within the platform and it saves time. Facebook have never taken a percentage from Messenger payments, and they claim that they never will.

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