Snap to Store Reveals Vital Snapchat Marketing Data

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One of the biggest problems with selling advertising on social media is finding the proof that it's actually working. Engagement figures can be balanced against sales figures but it's hard to say with any certainty that the ads are going to carry on working consistently. Many companies argue that data transparency is the problem, that platforms like Facebook simply aren't sharing enough information with them to help them reformat their strategy, and Snap seem to have come up with an answer to that.

On Wednesday, they released their Snap to Store feature. It allows marketers to see how much their Snapchat campaigns are driving people towards their establishments. Once they balance that out against local sales info, they'll be able to tell almost exactly how well the Snapchat campaign is working.

To go along with this, Snap also released some new data detailing what percentage of the user base use Snapchat at particular locations. For instance, 80% use it at restaurants, 66% at malls and 50% at gyms. Even that information is tantalising, but what Snap are promising with Snap to Store is not only detailed, it's already proven.

Snap to Store has been in the client testing phase since last year. 7-Eleven, Paramount Pictures and Wendy's have all been using it and there have already been measurable, impressive results. Wendy's created a geofilter to promote one of their sandwiches, and the stats showed that the filter was directly responsible for 42,000 people visiting Wendy's in the space of only a week.

Being able to see how many users saw the campaign, versus how many who actually went to the location, and then being able to break that down into different demographics is a massively valuable resource for marketers, and all Snap had to do to get it was share user location data.

When Snapchat originally started advertising, the promise was that it wouldn't be 'creepy' and it wouldn't abuse user data with targeted advertising. This new feature seems to run counter to that ethos, but with their IPO valuation causing tension and Facebook breathing down their neck, proving themselves as a good marketing and sales resource is vitally important right now.

Snap have asserted that, in spite of releasing all this new data, they're still very much committed to user privacy, and they still don't track user location data when the app isn't open, something which Facebook have been doing quite happily for a while now. Even with companies able to see how many users are going to their establishments, Snapchat won't share any additional location data, so the user base at large shouldn't be too concerned about this new strategy.

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