Snapchat Have Stepped Up Their Augmented Reality Game with World Lenses

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When Snapchat first introduced Lenses, they not only changed the way we think about selfies, they brought in a whole new audience - basically anyone who ever wanted to transform their face into a zombie or a cyborg. Lenses have been around for a while now, and we've seen a staggering multitude of shapes and sizes. Other platforms have made their own steps into the world of augmented reality, but Snapchat Lenses remain the most canny application of it yet seen.

Canny though they may be, they aren't all that sophisticated, but now Snap have introduced a new, far more advanced version of the feature. World Lenses take the concept and remove the need for a human face to fiddle with. Now, you can use the forward facing camera and apply 3-dimensional filters to whatever you happen to be looking at.

Rather than the 3D image remaining forward facing regardless of how you move about, a-la Pokemon Go, these animations actually remain static as you walk around them, allowing you to look at them from different angles as if they were actually there.

Examples of the lenses available at launch include plants which you can hurl into the ground, a sad cloud, a happy rainbow and a big, flashy 'OMG'. That might not sound like a particularly broad or imaginative range, but it's just the first wave. The normal lenses are updated daily and it will be the same with the new ones. It would also be safe to assume that we'll also eventually see branded content added into the mix.

This release allows for a bit more insight into where Snap's interests lie. Last month their IPO value went up - $28.3 billion - but investors didn't show as much interest as expected. This, combined with the ever increasing threat of Facebook and Instagram, means they need to try harder than ever to demonstrate value. With World Lenses, they're offering something which no other app or platform can.

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