Social Media Stories: Instagram Overtakes Snapchat

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Stories: it seems every social media platform is on board. Snapchat started it all, being the first to allow users to upload video clips and photos to a daily 'story', available for friends to view for 24 hours.User's daily digital diary entries, if you will.

Rival Facebook - owners of Instagram - then introduced the feature to the popular photo sharing app, then more recently, Messenger. It seems there's a copy-cat culture occurring across apps; they all seem to be morphing into the same thing with features tweaked for originality.

Snapchat wins for the best filters, hands down - don't tell me you're not amused when your face gets put in a video of a dancing man in a bee costume; they're's some funny filters day-to-day as they switch them up. Instagram stories is very 'Instagram', with that glowy pen tool and Boomerang feature giving you licence to be artsy - without the silly face-squashing effect Snapchat offers.

From my social media experience since it's launched, Messenger stories hasn't taken off as well as it's Instagram counterpart, in the battle against the original 'storymakers' Snapchat. And it seems Instagram's winning that battle as it stands, with more users than Snapchat - bit of a kick in the teeth for that cute smiley Snapchat ghost right?

Instagram stories daily user-ship has increased by 50 million since January, and has been on it's way to overtake Snapchat after it copied the feature in August last year. Daily, Instagram gets 200 million users using the Stories feature, creating artsy Boomerangs, adding cheesy selfies or filming their oh-so-adorable pet.

Snapchat on the other hand, only has 158 million daily users of the Stories feature - I say 'only - 158 million is still a huge amount of people, but in comparison, Instagram have quite a significant lead. I wouldn't be surprised if Snapchat were pretty cheesed-off after thieving Instagram have been more successful with their feature than they have.

However, with Snapchat stories still popular - 158 million is a big number - and it's likely they'll come out with a new, unique feature to set themselves apart from Instagram again and increase their popularity...which may or may not be stolen back when Instagram copy them again...

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