Twitter Has Launched an Alien Invasion to Mock Trump

Donald Trump's stance on immigration is no secret, in fact it was the centrepiece of his entire campaign. Since taking office, the US attitude towards immigration has become... Unfortunate. On Wednesday, the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office, or VOICE, was introduced. Not only is it a completely inaccurate acronym (VICEO?), it's a completely madcap idea - granted special services to people who have been victims of a crime perpetrated by an immigrant.

Let me break that down, if you get mugged, you call the police, like any rational person would. If you get mugged and you think that the person who mugged you may not have been born in the USA, then you get VOICE on the case. Do crimes committed by immigrants require a different kind of approach to resolve? They do not. Does the Trump administration have a vested interest in making immigrants look bad? I couldn't possibly say.

Twitter, as it turns out, could possibly say, and they've found a rather ingenious way to do it. For the past few days, they've been flooding the VOICE hotline with complaints about crimes committed by aliens, the ones from space. Borg burglaries, jawa carjackings, xenomorph, erm, assault and battery, you name it, aliens done did it. Twitter users across the nation have been sharing the hotline number and encouraging everyone to report their alien sightings.

Just to add an extra dose of appropriateness to this mountain of excellence, all this started happening on April 26th, which in 2016 was declared Alien Day by 20th Century Fox, due to the fact that the day and month mirror the name of the planet where the titular creature is first discovered in Alien - LV426. Think of it like 'May the 4th be with you', but more obscure, and less witty.

Before long, the #AlienDay hashtag had taken on a whole new meaning, and a wonderful kind of mocking protest had begun. I just wish I could have seen the VOICE office that day as they struggled to field the flurry of phone calls from people complaining that E.T. had cloned their credit card.

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