Facebook Adds Another Layer of Security to Groups

A lot of the recent changes Facebook have made have been geared towards plugging holes, which makes sense given the amount of times they've been called out for not doing enough of that this year alone. After dealing with links to spammy websites, they've now turned their attention to group security, and they've done this by handing more power to admins.

Whereas before admins had very little to go on when assessing join requests, they can now vet potential new members by sending them questions to answer. The only limits on the questions are that they have to be 250 characters or less, and you can only ask three of them. Beyond that, it could be just about anything. The answers are only available to the group's admin and its moderators.

Anyone who requests to join the group will have to follow a link to the questions, then once they've filled them out, it's up to the admin to assess their answers, only then can they cross the bridge of death and avoid being cast into the gorge of peril. Or join the Facebook group. Before, admins would have had to actually look through the profiles of users hoping to join, and even then they might not have found anything indicating how suitable they were for the group.

Groups can serve a number of different purposes, and it isn't always necessary to keep them closed, but largely they're designed to help bring people with similar interests together, either for a significant purpose, to help people network or just for the fun of it.

Some groups even require their members to adhere to a minimum activity level, which makes it necessary to be sure that new members will commit in the same way. Equally, groups related to certain subjects are magnets for trolls. Either way, the three question gate way should lessen the issue.

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