Facebook Have Created a Notification Hub For All Their Platforms

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Do you find yourself irritated with the tedium of having to check each individual app for new notifications? Well, it seems that Facebook have headed your jaded groans, as they've started quietly rolling out an upgrade to their main app which allows users to view notifications from Facebook, Messenger and Instagram all at once.

With this feature in effect, you'll only have to open one app to check your notifications on all of them, saving you the trouble of switching back and forth between them when you have no intention of uploading or posting anything. It also means that if you're actively using the Facebook app and somebody comments on one of your Instagram photos, you'll be able to see that without having to stop what you were doing. What a time to be alive.

Here's how it works - the icon in the top corner shows your profile image, where before it linked you out to Messenger. The usual cathartic little red number bubble appears over the top of the icon when you have notifications, and tapping it will pull up a menu of all your profiles, showing how many notifications you have in each one. Tapping those will then link you out to your various different accounts.

Reports have suggested that the 'notification hub' has also popped up on Messenger and Instagram for some users, though it's turning up much more frequently on Facebook. It's kind of a no-brainer, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram serve very different purposes, but if you're checking one you're probably at least thinking about checking the other two. Synergising the whole experience not only makes this process easier, but it saves time.

Of course, there is one other platform which hasn't been included in this feature - WhatsApp - but given the way the messaging service functions, it will probably remain separate. Facebook are trying to blur the lines between their three main services to give people a kind of all-encompassing social media experience, which is interesting given that, even a few years ago, they were more than happy for Facebook and Instagram to behave as totally separate entities.

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