Facebook's Latest Chatbot is Here to Improve Your Sex Life

Few things about sex and Facebook go hand in hand, unless you have some fairly outlandish fetishes. Certainly most people wouldn't turn to the blue behemoth if they were in search of ways to get better at it, declaring such a need in a status update would be entirely unhelpful and extremely unwise if you're even remotely sensitive to being made fun of. Just about the only way Facebook could be used to solicit advice on sex would be privately, via Messenger, but who to speak to?

Of all the things people ask their friends for advice about, sex doesn't tend to be one of them, but what if Messenger had its very own sex therapist? Well now it does, but there's a catch - it's a chatbot. Lovely Bot was developed by a tech startup previously for a performance tracking sex toy called Lovely. Lovely Bot, meanwhile, was developed with the help of sex therapist Dr. Agate Loewe, and it's here to answer all those difficult, perhaps embarrassing questions.

It's aimed squarely at people who are in relationships, and once you engage in a conversation with it, it will ask you a number of questions about how satisfied you are with the relationship, and when it picks up areas which need improvement, it will offer advice. You don't have to say much at first, most of the questions Lovely Bot poses have 'yes', 'no' and 'maybe' style answers, but it kind of works like a flow chart, eventually (hopefully) leading to some applicable help.

Of course, it's still a chatbot, it doesn't know you, per se. Something like this is no substitute for real, professional help, but it may steer you in the right direction. The couples likely to get the most out of it are probably those who haven't been together all that long and are just looking to improve their experience together, rather than long-term couples who've hit a roadblock.

That being said, Lovely Bot is still learning, and the developers are working towards allowing the app to link couples up with actual sex therapists, should it be necessary. They're also figuring out how to integrate it with the Lovely device, so that the tips it provides can take some basis from 'performance data'. Just to give you an idea of what that means, the Lovely is essentially a FitBit that you wear down below. Something tells me that most couples are going to draw the line at that.

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