Instagram Have Fixed Their Most Irritating Glitch

Instagram have finally rectified a weird, but annoying issue with tagging. Any time a disabled account was reactivated, notifications would be sent to anyone who had ever been tagged by said account. Depending on the breadth of your Instagram, this issue could range from non existent to frequent, and extremely irritating. It also had the unfortunate side-effect of making anyone who reactivated their account feel like an irritating jerk.

On Thursday, Instagram reported that they had found and removed the pesky bug. While this is certainly positive news, the bug has been around since January 2016, so you have to wonder what took them so long to deal with it. It may simply have been a very difficult bug to remove, or it might just not have been very high on Instagram's to-do list.

Last week, Instagram hit a significant milestone - 700 million users, only four months after hitting 600 million. The platform's growth rate continues to climb, and they're barrelling towards the billion user mark, where they would join WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook. It also puts Instagram well ahead of its most direct competitor - Snapchat.

Despite this, the platform is still plagued with bugs. During the weekend, users flocked to Twitter to report that they were unable to post photos or stories. As with Facebook, the increasingly massive volume of users has made it more difficult to handle some maintenance issues.

These are relatively minor gripes though. A sluggish response to the odd bug here or there is a small price to pay for the service Instagram offers. For a while now, the developers have been making Instagram more appealing to those with weaker internet connectivity, particularly Android users, who can access an offline mode. It's this kind of audience building that's managed to keep Instagram so relevant, even after six-and-a-half years.

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