Instagram Have Overhauled the Mobile Web Version of the Platform

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Instagram was, at one point, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and Chris Pratt was still just the pudgy guy from Parks and Recreation, a photo sharing app. Now it's an app, a website, a Snapchat, a blog and just about anything else Facebook can squeeze out of it. Instagram's simple premise flew out the window years ago and now it's Facebook's primary weapon in the battle to stay culturally relevant.

It's a battle that they're most certainly winning, people love Instagram and it continues to spread further and further across the globe. To that end, because frankly I'm struggling to imagine any other reason, they've completely overhauled the mobile web version of the platform so that it's closer to the app. Let me repeat that, the mobile web version, by which I mean the version you use your phone's internet browser to load up. The browser that's mere inches away from the button for the Instagram app.

Sarcasm aside, there is some method to this madness. In less economically developed parts of the world, phones with enough memory to run Instagram properly are the exception, not the rule. Booting Instagram up through a browser app saves on both memory and data usage. Instagram are trying to appeal to a wider international audience by removing the technological barrier faced by so many potential users in countries like India.

Previously, all you could do on the mobile web version was like posts, view notifications and just generally browse. There was no uploading, editing or posting options of any kind. Now all that is readily available, along with a somewhat stripped down version of the Explore tab.

This is one part of a larger effort to appeal to the 80% of Instagram users outside of the US. Other efforts include allowing users to sign up for accounts on the website, and better performance for lower-end Android phones. Improvements like these are helping them knock off subsequent '100 million user' markers faster and faster. They rose from 600 million to 700 million in only 4 months and are showing no signs of slowing down.

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