Instagram Introduce Archive to Save Data and Combat Impulse Deleting

For some, the hunt for likes, comments and re-grams is the heart and soul of Instagram, so much so that a post which gets no attention ends up getting erased. What if happens though if you decide shortly thereafter that you actually wanted to keep the offending image? Up until recently, it wasn't an option, and if you didn't have the original image stored in your photo library, it was gone for good.

To deal with this, Instagram have introduced a new 'archive' feature, allowing users to hide their images from the public. While archived, they can be privately viewed and/or republished at any time. They can be accessed via a clock icon on the top right of the home screen. The actual archiving is done using a small '...' icon under the post in question.

There are a number of benefits to this feature. Aside from curtailing the impulse deleting issue, it also enables you to store images you might want to post later on Instagram without having to keep the original on your phone/tablet, which saves data. From Instagram's point of view, it means that users have stronger ties to the service - if you have as yet unpublished content stored on their service, you'll be less likely to abandon ship.

Being able to hide posts will also hopefully alter the way people approach the service. Instagram want their users to post more content more often, and the security of knowing that posts can be hidden and tweaked at any given moment could well yield that result. It will also mean that if users get jaded with the whole Instagram experience, they can effectively take a sabbatical from it and return later with all their content intact.

As you might expect, this feature does indeed bear more than a passing resemblance to one of Snapchat's. In Snapchat, the Memories function enables you to view your photos and videos privately, rather than uploading them publicly. It's somewhat different but the guiding principle is similar. In any case, even if Instagram aren't directly ripping off Snapchat with this, it certainly won't hurt their goal of reaching and ultimately eclipsing their audience.

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