Marvel's Defenders Have Started Bickering on Twitter

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Marvel are no strangers to a good social media push, especially when it comes to Twitter. When the second season of Daredevil was airing, they had interactive billboards set up which allowed people to pit Elektra, Punisher and Daredevil himself against each other. Whoever got the least tweets in their favour got a little bit more banged up on their respective billboard at the end of the week.

They've yet to top that, but for the The Defenders, the show which will amalgamate their four Netflix-bound heroes (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist), they have brought something new to the table - a good old fashioned Twitter feud.

The heroes have had their own respective Twitter accounts for a while now, but over the past week or so, they've started communicating with each other. Luke Cage challenged Daredevil to a spar, Iron Fist called Jessica Jones out for being late, and then the anvil hit: Jones actually trolled Iron Fist.

Rather than simply posting the same kind of promotional tweets that the others were banding about, Jessica Jones (or whomever is controlling her fictitious Twitter account) actually linked out to a post by a random muggle. Daniel Switzer posted a GIF of Finn Jones's character looking a few shades shy of badass in the recent trailer, captioned "When you're incompetent but your friends are counting on you.". Jones linked out to the tweet, and referred to Iron Fist as 'Captain Jazz Hands'.

I know, it's a bit of Saturday morning cereal insult, but the fact remains, these fictional characters are actually throwing shade at each other on Twitter. Real profiles used as marketing for fictional characters has been a thing since MySpace, but this is still a very effective application, especially when you consider the deeper context: Iron Fist has had a very frosty reception.

Some have referred to the show as Marvel's first real failure since creating the cinematic universe. It's been called out as racially insensitive, dull, meandering, and Jones's portrayal of Iron Fist, aka Danny Rand, has been described as unconvincing, to put it mildly. The Jessica Jones tweet is almost directly referencing that. While it's still short of Marvel actually owning up to their own failings, it's a pretty gutsy move.

It's also in-keeping with the character, and kind of foreshadows what the dynamic between the two will be when the show airs. Presumably, it's not over, Iron Fist will eventually fire back, and at some point Cage and Daredevil will muck in. Whether any of the subsequent tweets/retweets/whatever will be as inventive remains to be seen, but it's a hell of a good start, and some of the best Twitter marketing Marvel has done yet.

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