Security Experts Have Warned Against Getting Involved With the '10 Concerts' Meme

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The latest meme to enact a hostile takeover of the Facebook news feed has arrived - 10 concerts. If you've yet to see it, the name is fairly self-explanatory; users have been listing ten gigs they've been to, only one of them is fake and it's up to their Facebook friends to figure out which one is the odd man out.

Sounds harmless, right? Well, according to security experts, people should exercise caution. You can learn a great deal about a person by finding out what kinds of gigs they go to, up to and including how to reset their passwords. On many websites, "What was your first concert?" is a typical security question, and if users were minded to, they might be able to use this game to recover the passwords of others.

There are a lot of 'ifs' to this notion - IF the user actually uses that security question, IF the other person can figure out which gig is numero uno, IF the victim has their security settings loose enough for malicious users to access their information, etc etc. That being said, if the first gig is posted, it can be used in conjunction with other readily available information (age, religion, home town) to greatly increase the chances of someone accessing one or several of your online accounts.

Similar concerns have been raised about other Facebook trends in the past for comparable reasons, and the solution has almost always been the same - don't answer security questions honestly. Many web security experts advise people to answer them with obscure nonsense, and then to simply use the same nonsense for every profile. For instance, if you use 'name of first pet', you could answer 'Keyser Soze'. Unless they manage to figure out that you're a rabid Kevin Spacey fan, it's a far harder code to crack than 'Whiskers'.

Even with that in mind, the '10 concerts' meme is a relatively minor concern. Really and truly, all you have to do to avoid mishap is omit your first gig from the results. Unless you've been to less than ten gigs in your life, in which case you need to log out of Facebook and go to more gigs, immediately.

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