Snapchat Have Introduced Visibility Scores for Advertisers

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At the moment, ad agencies are primarily after one thing from social media platforms - transparency. Many of them are calling for platforms like Snapchat and Twitter to allow them to independently audit their ad campaigns. Several platforms have already expressed support for that, but only Facebook and Google have actually committed to doing it fully, having both opened up access to the Media Rating Council back in February.

Snap haven't gone quite that far, but they have offered advertisers some further incentive - visibility scores. They've partnered up with Moat - a metrics measurement firm - to grant selected advertisers access to scores for their video ads which match up to the standards set by the MRC. This way, they can tell how lucrative the videos have the potential to be.

It's kind of a middle-of-the-road deal. The MRC doesn't audit Snapchat, but they do audit Moat, which by association means that the MRC are now auditing some of Snapchat's content, but not all of it. In this sense, the MRC will be providing input into the effectiveness of Snapchat content, but Snap will be able to mediate it.

According to the MRC's guidelines, video ads should have at least two seconds of viewablity, which Snapchat's ads do, as well as allowing consumers to swipe to access more content. The visibility score is being demonstrated to selected advertisers for the first time this week, and it will become more widely available on June 5th.

This could have a pronounced effect on mobile marketing, as advertisers will have a much clearer idea of how their ads are performing, and what they need to tweak to improve. Social media, and mobile social media in particular, can provide broader, more useful ad data than surveys ever came close to providing, it's just a matter of figuring out how best to broadcast and utilise that data.

According to research, Snapchat's ads generally do better for brand favourability, awareness and purchase intent than ads on most other platforms. Generally speaking, shorter ads also do better, and Snapchat is rife with, well, snappy advertising. They might not have opened themselves up to the MRC fully, but allowing advertisers to test the effectiveness of their content will certainly do for now.

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