Step Aside Siri - iPhones to Have Google Assistant

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistants are becoming increasingly - and perhaps scarily - popular, with Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Amazon Echo all here to make our lives easier (as if smartphones didn't do that already). The technology is pretty impressive being able to recognise requests and respond accordingly, always listening and mostly reliable.

On iPhones, Siri is built in, and has been popular for iOS users for a while. I tend to only occasionally use the feature if I'm too lazy to Google something useless like 'how old is Prince William?', or most of the time conversing with Siri is accidental; if I sit down and the embarrassing 'Sorry, I didn't quite catch that' is heard loud-and-proud coming from my back pocket in the middle of a conversation, it's not ideal.

I'm sure others put the feature to better use like organising their life, asking Siri to put emails into folders and checking their calendars etc. etc. However often you speak to our mate Siri, it's a pretty useful app and seems to rein supreme on iPhones and iOS devices.

Google is bringing Google Assistant to iPhones in the form of a free iOS app, in a bid to compete with favourite Siri. There are plans to roll out the app at the I/O conference this week in the U.S. first, with hopes to expand the feature to other countries further down the line.

The great thing about Google Assistant being on iPhones is that it will collaborate with, and have the ability to control other Google apps on your phone; it's likely you have YouTube, Gmail or Google Maps, and the new AI technology will work hand-in-hand with these, potentially better and more reliably than Siri does.

Alexa is already available as an iOS app, but is only compatible with the Amazon Shopping app or Echo to work with messaging and calling - the reach of the iOS Alexa app is small compared to Siri and what Google Assistant is said to be able to do.

No officials from Google have commented on the talks of this, but with I/O in full swing, I'm sure confirmation of the app will roll out soon enough. Watch your back, Siri.

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