Twitter Announces Todd Swidler as New Head of Live Video Business

Twitter are making a substantial push at present to secure their position as an industry leader in live video streaming. They've made various moves into the field with deals with the likes of the NFL, a deal which amusingly doesn't actually allow them to stream any games. Now, in an effort to better compete with the behemoths that are Facebook and YouTube, Twitter this week announced their hiring of the former global head of Video Distribution and Partnerships at Bloomberg, a man by the name of Todd Swidler, to head up their Live Business arm.

The announcement was made in a tweet from Twitter COO Anthony Noto on Monday evening.

Venturing into live video seems like a natural move for Twitter, famed as it is as a source of to-the-minute news and updates. Supplementing this with video will only enhance the user experience. Its wide use as an advertising platform also fits into this new strategy, a crucial point as far as Twitter is concerned as they strive to get more companies using such media for promotional means, thereby increasing their own revenue. However, for the push to be a real success, finding a way to successfully monetize the Live Business arm will be of utmost importance to the company; a facet of the business which they have very publicly struggled with in the past.

The task of monetizing Live Business, among others, will fall to Swidler, whose job it is to oversee the business side of the company's live video efforts. This will include working with the product, marketing, sales, and content partnerships schemes to find the best approach to success in their latest venture.

For now, we can only wait and see if Swidler's extensive experience proves valuable to Twitter's efforts to dominate the live video market.

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