We Won't Be Getting an 'Edit Tweet' Button Any Time Soon

There seems to be a trend on Twitter at the moment, where people are trying their luck at getting free stuff in exchange for a hefty number of Retweets. Whether it's chicken nuggets or a brand new Mercedes, these tweets are spreading like wildfire with captions like 'help a guy out' and 'this HAS to get to 5 million rts!!!'.

Last week we told you all about that crazy Instagram swimsuit giveaway that got way out of hand, with the popularity of it growing bigger than the small company Sunny Co. Clothing ever expected. But come on, if you're literally giving something worth $65 away for nothing, people will jump at the chance, and the power of social media and Sunny Co.'s campaign showed that.

The latest 'how many RT's for...' tweet circulating Twitter at the moment isn't in favour of materialism; people want an Edit Tweet button, and have done for years, and a Twitter user who names himself 'King Nathan V.' took the matter into their own hands by direct messaging Twitter themselves.

You know when you hastily tweet your comedic genius before taking time to check for any typos? Then spot one, delete it in a heartbeat and re-post it as nothing happened? - It can be embarrassing and there's no doubt your beady-eyed mate will call you out on it, increasing that embarrassment. And don't even get me started on when it's hours, or even days later when you spot your Twitter crime...*shudder*

Here's the tweet, which shows supposed DM's between 'King Nathan' and the verified Twitter @Support account...

As you can see, more than a whopping 303K fellow Tweeters make the mistake of not proof-reading for typos before hitting that Tweet button, and really want that 'Edit Tweet' feature to be added to the platform.

@Support is shown to agree to 450,000 retweets being the target for the feature to be added, but people have clocked that that's a pretty low number in this game. Here's the infamous Wendy's chicken nugget request tweet, which the company are shown to give a much bigger target...

After much speculation in the replies to the tweet, a Twitter spokesperson told Engadget "As a number of the replies to the Tweet suggest, this is fake,".

So sadly, you've got to kiss goodbye to that dream to fixing your Twitter typos...

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