You Can Test Drive the Latest Emoji Update on Twitter Right Now

A new battalion is about to be added to the ever-growing emoji army. The Unicode 10.0 release is coming within the next month or two, and it will bring with it 239 brand new emoji, including 56 never before seen characters. All of these new micro-faces are already freely available on Twitter.

Some of the symbols being added to the already extensive roster include an exploding head, a merperson, a vampire, a woman breastfeeding, a fortune cookie, a t-rex, a zebra and even, bizarrely, 'Person in Steamy Room'. It's safe to say that people are going to have plenty more reasons never to speak to each other using actual words ever again.

Many of these new additions lend themselves almost perfectly to Twitter, especially the exploding head, the shushing face and the face with symbols - which is meant to denote an angry person swearing. I speak only for myself, but I think Twitter could benefit from a bit more levity and bit less swearing, and this is coming from a lifelong fan of swearing.

Perhaps most notably, the 'woman with headscarf' emoji is in amongst the new people symbols being added to the list. Said emoji was originally requested by a girl from Saudi Arabia, and its addition was considered something of a watershed moment for online culture, so it's nice to see that it's out there in the world even before the 10.0 release, and what better place to promote equality than Twitter.

For some reason a pretty substantial chunk of the update is populated by fantasy characters like witches, wizards and vampires. If this is also a bid to improve equality then either somebody at Unicode has been playing too much WoW or they know something that we don't. Besides this, several pre-existing emoji have also had minor aesthetic tweaks.

After Twitter, Facebook will be the next platform to receive the emoji, and after that they're set to appear in Google's next Android update, but the fact that Twitter got them first is encouraging, and likely gave their active user figures a boost. Emoji are likely on the forefront of many people's minds at the moment with the movie coming out soon. If this is your first time hearing about the existence of an emoji movie, I am deeply sorry.

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