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If you look through your Twitter profile, what picture do you paint of yourself? Are you an enthusiastic hash-tagger, photo-sharer and emoji-lover? Do you overshare with one too many f-words or do you keep it PG in fear of having your down-with-the-kids Nan following you?

What I'm asking is, would you want your Twitter to be what represents you on a dating app? Because dating app Loveflutter does just that.

It's kind of like Tinder; you have the choice to swipe to 'Like' someone, or swiftly move onto the next user if they don't take your fancy. Unlike Tinder though your photo is initially covered by your #140Fact, which is essentially a bio; a fact which could express your love for cats, ice cream or your secret hidden talent, anything you want in 140 characters or less.

Your #140Fact is first thing people see, prompting users to take note of what you're saying first, before seeing what you look like and deciding if they find you attractive. You can click onto the profile to reveal full detailed photos, to put a face to the tweet.

Sure, Tinder allows you to write a bio to share some information on your personality but Loveflutter puts emphasis on it, displaying up-to-date Twitter feeds below photos and #140Fact. In terms of dating apps, this sounds pretty unique right?

Another cool feature of the app is that it uses location to find people nearby - like Tinder - but goes a step further and actually suggests places for you to go on a date.

So, think you'll be getting this app? It's free and a different take on the standard dating-app format. For someone who uses Twitter a lot, it can really be a great way for someone to see what your loves, hates and traits are.

It does depend what you use Twitter for though; if it's to share how hilarious you are with memes and wit, Loveflutter could get you a load of potential dates. If you use it to quote-tweet and throw sass at Piers Morgans' and/or Donald Trumps controversial tweets, perhaps stick to Tinder. 

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