Bumble Have Brought a Real Life Dating Space to New York

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There's a great deal to be said in praise of Bumble. Since being launched by Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe in 2014, it has continually demonstrated itself to be perhaps the most forward thinking dating app available. Recently, Bumble have trying to change their brand from a purely digital one into a physical one. Stickers, billboards, photo-booth tents at music festivals, and now an actual pop-up space for people to meet.

The Hive is located in Soho, New York City and will be open 4 days a week at varying times until the 25th of June. It's intended as a hangout space, not only for dating but for hanging out and generally getting better acquainted with Bumble as a brand. As such, the whole place is styled to be a physical representation of the app, all honeycombs and light-up signs featuring silly-yet-endearing bee puns.

Being able to physically define a brand is important, especially when you're building a community. Many digital brands suffer from feeling immaterial. Sure, they might have a consistent art style on all their platforms, but if you only interface with that style on a screen, on some level it still won't feel real. Bumble are trying to foster a community that regard it as more than just a dating service.

For a while, Bumble have been planning to create another app geared towards social and business networking, in the hopes of increasing their appeal beyond people who are looking for a partner. Even now, some users are swiping through Bumble in search of friends, something which Bumble have done their utmost to encourage.

Witney Wolfe herself will be hosting a panel at The Hive at some stage during its run, and a number of other events are also planned. The Hive also serves coffee, alcohol and sells Bumble merch (the profits from which are being given to charity). If all goes well, The Hive might end up staying open beyond its June 25th closing date.

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