Facebook Albums Making a Comeback with New Update

If you're looking to share a photo with friends then you'd most likely look to Snapchat or Instagram to get the job done. The apps are quick and easy to use, and they do the best job of getting the picture(s) direct to the people you want to see them.

This used to be part of Facebook's appeal.

In recent years, the photo function of the social network has suffered a drop in popularity due to the rise of these other apps, but Facebook is hoping to turn things around with its new update. Reimagining the concept of the photo album, they've now made it possible to add a lot more varied content to create a richer visual experience. This includes videos, text and check-ins.

The change means it easier for users to create comprehensive albums of holidays, road trips and other big events by allowing them to post more than just visual content. It's a positive step for Facebook who are the only major social network site that provides a space to upload entire albums for others to see. Apps like Snapchat and Instagram are ideal for posting and editing individual photos, but they're not designed for mass sharing.

This new update also makes it possible for multiple users to contribute to an album when invited to do so by the original creator. The hassle of trying to remember which of your friends took that great picture of you during your last holiday will be a thing of the past now that everything can be collected in one place. It's a way of making your shared experiences with those important to you even more memorable.

Other additions include the ability to tag albums as favourites in order to highlight them in your profile, as well as the option to follow (and therefore unfollow) them. This helps people easily keep up to date on any new developments in these albums via their newsfeed, something that was previously unreliable on the site.

Facebook's hope with this new update is to make their albums more relevant and reflective of a storytelling experience as opposed to being somewhere for people to just dump their photos online. They may still have a way to go if they want to edge out Instagram and Snapchat on the photo sharing front, but these new features are a welcome change to a part of the social network that had fallen to the wayside.

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