Facebook Has Hit the 2 Billion Mark

It's been thirteen years now since Facebook first came onto the scene. In that time, it's slowly made a name for itself as the face of social media and racked up a very substantial number of users. 2 billion to be precise, according to a post that Mark Zuckerberg put up on the site yesterday.

Img: TechCrunch
The social network previously hit the 1 billion mark back in 2012, and in taking less than five years to reach its second billion, Facebook has shown that it's not prepared to back down from the competition anytime soon. In fact, new data shows that it has the largest user base for a social platform by at least 500 million, with YouTube and Facebook's own WhatsApp and Messenger the only other apps to have over a billion users.

The rate at which the site is growing is continually increasing despite its age, with the level of traffic it receives also on the rise. Around 66% of monthly users return to use the site day after day, whether that be via computer or mobile phone app, compared to the 55% who used it consistently when the 1 billion mark was reached.

With Facebook now having such an incredible impact around the world, they're at a point where using the network as a force for good is no longer a choice - it's a necessity.

Chris Cox, Facebook's Chief Product Officer emphasised that "there's definitely a deep sense of responsibility in every part of the company" and that they're "getting to the scale where we have to get much better about understanding how the product has been used". With recent controversy surrounding the site over the posting of offensive, violent and illegal content at the forefront of everyone's minds, the company has a duty to ensure that its substantial user base is kept safe and united as they work towards reaching the next billion.

"I live with the constant goal of understanding, for every single thing that we do, how do we maximize all that goodness, and curtail anyway that it can be misused or turned into something sad," were the last words that Cox had on the subject.

Hitting this milestone is another great step forward for Facebook and as improvements in technology and ease of use for the app continue, it's not hard to imagine the site making it to 3 billion users in less than 5 years. While they still have a way to go to ensure that they retain safety on the site as it grows even bigger, now is the moment to take a step back and commend the company for it's incredible achievement.

Well done Facebook!

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