Snap Are Using a Big Yellow Ferris Wheel to Advertise at Cannes Lions

Business Insider
Cannes is perhaps the most prominent, significant film festival on the planet. Cannes Lions is something else entirely. Whilst both are certainly star-studded affairs, Cannes Lions is more about elbow rubbing than anything else, as hundreds of digital and tech industry heavyweights gather in the French Riviera to eat, drink and see Chris Martin and Wyclef Jean. It's a meat grinder.

For companies, it's a chance to almost completely eschew the kinds of in-depth technical demonstrations they usually employ and shell out for big, imposing, tangible ad campaigns. Remember when Nintendo launched the 3DS with a small army of attractive women? Imagine dozens of brands all doing that kind of thing at the same time, then times it by 50 and you've got the Cannes Lions experience.

It turns into something of an arms race - who can put on the best dinner, offer the most free booze, book the best act or bring the fanciest yacht - so batting out of left field can be useful if you really want to get noticed. Batting out of left field is kind of Snap's bread and butter, so it's hardly surprising to discover that this year they've rocked up with one of the most distinct offerings - a big yellow ferris wheel.

The company tweeted an image of the brightly coloured behemoth on Saturday, which revealed that there's also a Snap Spectacles vending machine right next to it. The ferris wheel holds up to 84 riders at a time, and provides exclusive Snapcodes which unlock a special Cannes-themed filter. You get two go-arounds, and after disembarking you're given a yellow, branded lollipop. None of these things are especially new (especially ferris wheels), but combined, they present a memorable, different approach to the Cannes Lions 'look at me!' contest.

Snap's primary directive at the moment is standing out from the pack. Endless copycatting by Facebook, unsettling IPO figures and the ever-changing, ever-fickle social media market have put them on the back foot, so they've tried to focus on assuring investors and consumers alike that they exist beyond Snapchat. It might be their central product now, but stunts like this are meant to demonstrate that they intend to move on to bigger and better things.

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