Twitter DMs From Strangers Will Now be Filtered

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Twitter have taken a pretty big cue from Facebook with their latest addition. Before, DMs from mutual followers and strangers both went into the same inbox, but now they will be sorted into a regular inbox and a new 'requests' inbox. If you don't follow someone, the message will be sent into requests, just like Facebook messages from people who you aren't friends with.

Also just like the Facebook version, you can either accept the request or delete the message, and the former option allows the sender to carry on messaging you as if you were following them. So, yes, the feature is completely identical to Facebook's version, but in this case that's no bad thing, it's been included in the name of practicality, and privacy on Twitter is very important.

Some users have kept their DM closed just to avoid contact with trolls, whereas this way it's easy to tell when messages from non-followers are abusive, and when someone is getting in touch for a legitimate reason. Sure, you'll probably still see a few lines of abuse in the preview box, but that's a hell of a lot better than having your normal inbox flooded with it. Once you delete the message, the sender still won't be able to contact you. They'll be able to send more requests, but you'll know what their username is, rendering the problem more or less solved.

Of course the flip side is that if you are someone who receives a lot of unpleasant messages, your requests inbox will quickly get flooded, and you'll have to check it regularly to see if anything in there is actually worth responding to. It's still better than the old way, but it's something to bear in mind. Basically, if you're attentive to your messages this will work fine, and if you aren't, you're bound to miss things.

Non-followers have different reasons to contact Twitter users than on Facebook, though. Often if a follower has a question, they have to ask it publicly. In this case, they can ask privately, which might lead to more answers more of the time. Currently the feature is being rolled out on a gradual basis, so we'll just have to see how it pans out.

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