Twitter First to Bring 360° Video to Apple TV

360° videos have become a prominent feature on the internet since YouTube first made them possible two years ago. They've been used for music videos, television teasers, tourism adverts, and now Twitter have made the service available and fully immersive on Apple TV.

The app first launched on the media player eight months ago with the intention of bringing live content to a bigger screen, and has since extended it's reach to other systems with the same intentions. This latest update providing the 360° compatibility is an impressive move for the social media service who have beat out the likes of Facebook and YouTube - two giants when it comes to video sharing - to support such content on Apple TV.

The 360° videos are controlled via the Siri remote, as opposed to the tapping or motion features used by smartphones. Viewers are able to get the same immersive experience they would find on a handheld device, but have the added benefit of being able to watch it all on a bigger screen.

Twitter's new update comes just days after YouTube announced that they are in the process of bringing 360° videos to TV. They plan on bringing the feature to Playstation 4, Xbox One, Android TV and the latest 4K TVs from LG and Samsung, with a release planned for the coming months. Given YouTube's standing as a video-sharing website, it's a surprise that they were beaten to the punch by Twitter, although as the original publisher of 360° videos online their content is likely to be worth the wait.

The update was also accompanied by a Periscope addition - the Global Map. It allows people to virtually traverse the globe and discover live-streams happening all over the world. Streams that have finished also come with a replay option, offering viewers a vast collection of videos to watch at their disposal. This format of video continues to grow in popularity, especially in terms of user generated content - 77 million hours worth was streamed in the first four months of 2017.

All of these new additions continue Twitter's push to branch out and become more than just a social media platform. Their interest in video content has helped them create partnerships with news and sports corporations which continues to create a buzz around the eleven year old service.

If Twitter's flow of updates for these features continues at such a rate, it will soon become the leading platform for combined social media and video consumption online.

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