Vice UK and The Telegraph Are Joining the Snapchat Discover Brigade

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Just in time for the UK general election, Snapchat Discover has added a further two British sources to the list - Vice UK and The Telegraph. Given that Vice UK has been reporting on recent goings on with a distinctly pro-Labour bias, and that the The Telegraph has been moving in the opposite direction, it's probably a very deliberate twinning.

The publications themselves, however, couldn't be more different. The Telegraph is one of the oldest, most well known broadsheets in the UK, whilst Vice started out in life as a Canadian magazine, and now maintains a strong focus on its digital presence. The Telegraph are planning to publish one story every day at 5pm, whilst Vice UK are putting out a range of video content, as well as an editorial, a trend which will presumably also carry on week to week.

Vice UK seem to be taking more of a direct political focus than The Telegraph, which makes sense given their recent spate of politically motivated video content. In particular, they've been leaning heavily on Rants n Beats, their in-house comedic political correspondent, as well as news and content surrounding the 'Grime 4 Corbyn' movement.

Vice UK has always had a younger audience, so it makes sense for them to take this approach, whereas The Telegraph has a vested interest in pulling in younger readers. As of 2014, The Telegraph had the highest average age readership of any major paper in the UK - 61, and they've made various attempts to increase their appeal to a younger crowd through the years. Besides this, they also recently inducted eSports into their annual Business of Sport event.

The duo are joining several other UK publications which already put content out on Stories, including Mashable, The Economist, The Sun, Cosmopolitan UK, National Geographic and Refinery29. Snapchat Discover has been a proven boost for virtually every publication to have joined its ranks. Vice already know this, they've been putting out content from their US, French and German channels for some time now. For The Telegraph, this is a whole new proving ground.

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