You Can Now Use Later to Find Out the Best Time to Post on Instagram

Later is one of the most useful digital marketing tools for Instagram. It started in 2014, and allowed brands and influencers to schedule posts across multiple accounts in much the same way as Hootsuite or Sendible do for other platforms. Since then, they've added in aggregation and audience building tools, gradually morphing Later from a useful service to an almost essential one.

Now they've added in a new feature which may well be their most useful yet  - one which shows you when the best time to post is. Since Instagram changed the way posts are ordered in the main feed, engagement has been steadily declining, but weirdly timing is more important than ever. Despite posts no longer appearing chronologically, there are certain peak posting times in different time zones during which more users, and particularly those likely to engage, are active.

What Later can now do is show you these time slots and recommend the best time to post something. It's a tailored system, Later will actually scan your Instagram account to determine your audience, and when the best time to post to them is. Those times will appear highlighted in the calendar view. That's pretty much it.

It's simple, but it homes in on a key issue with Instagram, because each audience is personal, figuring out when it's best to reach them turns into a perpetual game of trial and error, and if you're lucky enough to get some growth, it only becomes more difficult. Even with the feature active, you won't be able to see the best slots for each day, you might get three on one day and none on another. Also, if you're posting at around the same times every day, the feature won't work, because it won't be able to differentiate the data.

Additionally, it will only work if you've posted 50 times in the past six months, but if you haven't been posting that frequently, it hardly seems worth it to use Later at all, especially given the price tag. The feature is only available to those using the $16 per month version of the service or higher, so if you're not using Instagram for business in some sense or another, it's not worth it. That being said, it's certainly cemented Later's position as one of the best Instagram tools on the market, if not the best.

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