Facebook Are Cracking Down on Pirating With Their Latest Acquisition

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It doesn't feel like that long ago that Facebook were facing harsh criticism for effectively encouraging video piracy on their platform. Many, including the popular 'In a Nutshell' YouTube channel, pointed out that it was easy for content to be lifted from other sites and posted on Facebook as if it was original, siphoning money away from the creators. Things have gotten better, but the issue certainly hasn't completely vanished, yet at the moment Facebook are more concerned with clamping down on piracy within the platform.

As such, they've picked up the rights to Source3, software technology which is designed to detect when intellectual property is being used without the permission of the owner. Not only have Facebook taken on the program itself, but they've also picked up several members of the development team. 

Facebook have come under fire numerous times for failing to effectively deal with content theft, even after they introduced the 'Rights Manager' system two years ago to flag such incidents. The option to simply make revenue off of your own content, even when it's stolen, was also brought in a few months ago, but that doesn't seem to have made much difference either.

It's not immediately clear what Facebook intend to do with the Source3 technology now that they have it, but it represents a commitment to better rights protection. This is more of an appeal to brands than standard users, Facebook have a great deal invested in the race for high quality video content, and a big part of that is assuring publishers that their content is completely secure. 

Source3 is being completely integrated into Facebook, the name and official website are being done away with, and the developers will work out of Facebook's New York office. Interestingly, this isn't the first time the development team have sold rights off to a tech giant - they sold RightsFlow to Google in 2011.

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