Facebook Have Added PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to Their Streaming List

While sports are certainly the most hotly contested streaming territory right now, video games aren't far behind. YouTube and Twitch are still very much the dominant forces there, but Facebook has slowly been gaining some ground. A few weeks ago, they partnered with Blizzard, allowing players to log into their games and stream gameplay directly through the platform, and now they've turned their attention to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Aside from having a strange and overlong name, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is one of the most popular online multiplayer games going at the moment. It subscribes to the 'battle royal' format - players are dropped into a combat zone with meagre supplies and left to fend for themselves, and the game ends when there's only one person (or small team) left. It's one of those crazy gaming success stories where a game drops on Early Access (i.e. unfinished) and still manages to become a bestseller, in this case selling more than four million copies to date.

The game will have an official Facebook broadcast four times a month which will demonstrate various different core elements of the game. Initially, all the footage will be produced in-house but the games developers, Bluehole Studios, have said that further down the line they're planning to get the community more actively involved. The ultimate aim of it is to better bridge the gap between the dev team and the players, giving the community an insight into the inner works of the game, and enabling them to showcase their own antics.

Facebook doesn't have anywhere near as strong a gaming audience as YouTube or Twitch, so this won't exactly be an easy sell. Facebook has always been more about promoting active social interaction than remote interaction like online gaming, and as such it's never really had much to offer the hardcore gaming community. This is an early first step though, a bid to start bending the ear of that community, rather than broadly appealing to a marginal audience. Neither Facebook nor Bluehole have anything to lose from this, but they both stand to gain a lot.

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