Facebook Now Lets You Create Your Own GIFs

Your friend says something funny, what do you do? Respond with a GIF of someone laughing, of course. What about if they suggest you go on a night out? Pretty much any GIF of Karen Walker should make it pretty clear how down you are for that idea.

There's nothing that can't be appropriately reacted to with a GIF. That's why Facebook are now testing out a new feature that allows you to make your own straight from their app.

It's a somewhat unexpected turn of events given that the company have always been slightly behind the times when it comes to incorporating these animated images into their mobile apps. It was only two years ago that they added GIF support to Facebook's Messenger app and News Feed feature, having originally referred to them as being "too chaotic" for the latter, while their addition to comments has only happened within the last few weeks. Although they were late to the party, at least Facebook have finally decided to immerse themselves in the GIF culture.

As the new feature is only in the test phase, it's not available to everyone and may well go through some changes before it inevitably gets approved for full release. It's only available on iOS devices where a quick swipe to the left will reveal the Facebook camera and the new option to generate a GIF. The available duration is only a few seconds long, but you have the full-range of effects that the Facebook camera already offers so you can add a bit of pizzazz to your new creation.

Until the feature is fully released, the GIFs can only be utilised on the app where they can be added to your Facebook story or posted on your page. While you can save them to your iPhone camera, they won't be stored there as GIFs, and there is currently no option to send them directly to other services like Whatsapp either.

However, what matters most right now is showing Facebook that this new addition to their ever-growing mobile app is essential. If you find the feature available on your phone, why not give it a try? The more use it gets, the quicker it will be rolled out for everyone to use, and then you can always have the perfect GIF of yourself to respond to friends and family with.

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